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Entrepreneurial, progressive, full-service merchant bank with a focus on public venture capital.

North Bay sets you up for the next step in your business success.

North Bay Capital is a full-service merchant bank dedicated to connecting commercial investors with emerging companies. We start with the end in mind, identifying high-potential, private opportunities around the world and assisting their transition to the public markets. 

We view our clients as our partners.

As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges companies face in an increasingly competitive market. Our goal is to leverage our network, resources, and expertise to set your up for the next step in your business success.

Our unique approach to investments launches our clients to growth milestones.

We solve capital problems to help our clients achieve accelerated business growth.

North Bay is proud to feature clients in sectors ranging from technology, to mining, to healthcare, all across the globe.

No two ventures are the same, and North Bay tailors our approaches to each client’s unique needs. With a proven track record in financial advisory roles, our team will be there alongside you every step of the way.

Bloom Health Partners

Andrew Morton, CEO

"The Northbay Capital team does an incredible job helping companies navigate growth through fund raising and capital markets. Their execution is second to none and advisory services are invaluable. CEOs lucky enough to work with Northbay can expect a highly skilled team capable of bringing their businesses to the next level."

Tribe Property Technology

Joseph Nakhla, CEO

"North Bay has been a great partner for Tribe. They helped us as a young startup, in the early revenue stage, growth capital stage, and the public listing. It’s very rare to find an advisory group that gets the challenges and growing pains companies go through, North Bay gets it and we love working with the team. "

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Our Services

We assist our clients in reaching operational milestones. From incorporation to the IPO stage, North Bay provides critical support to a variety of companies approaching entry into the public markets.

Corporate Finance

public markets transaction advisory / access to capital

Corporate Development

team development / M&A advisory / corporate expansion

Capital Markets Marketing

marketing and communications strategy and implementation

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