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Tailored approach to fit your individual growth requirements.

North Bay tailors our capital structure and services to fit your individual growth requirements.

From incorporation to the IPO stage, North Bay provides critical support to a variety of companies approaching entry into the public markets.

No two ventures are the same, and North Bay tailors our approaches to each client’s unique needs. With a proven track record in financial advisory roles, our team will be there alongside you every step of the way. 

North Bay’s capital markets expertise extends to corporate finance, corporate development and beyond. From sourcing M&A and JV opportunities to the negotiation and structuring phases, North Bay structures success. Leveraging our longstanding relationships with banking firms, and we offer loan syndication for clients with aggressive expansion efforts in mind.

We assist our clients in reaching operational milestones. We are proud to offer inbound and outbound investor awareness strategies, brand awareness strengthening initiatives, or the implementation of an investor-focused CRM platform. Further, our network of partners can assist in broadening a client’s sales territory.

Marketing materials are essential to any growth strategy, and North Bay offers both B2C and B2B-related services for reaching either retail investors or potential partners. 

Our wheelhouse ranges from developing online presentations to highlight a client’s capabilities, to delivering real-world results such as print brochures. Whether through social media development, digital marketing campaign roll-outs, or leveraging our network of analysts and newsletter writers, we get our clients noticed.

Corporate Finance

We help you navigate the complexities of the capital market with our expertise across many sectors and regions of the world. Our expansive network gives you access to strategic capital from both private and third-party investments.

  • Capital markets transaction advisory
    • Structuring
    • Negotiation
    • Sourcing

Business Development

From mergers and acquisitions to geographic expansions, we assist businesses in achieving their next phase of growth. Our flexible and experienced team of professionals also help to cover corporate expertise on your team.

  • Team development and on boarding of key directors
  • M&A advisory
  • Corporate expansion
    • Geographic expansion
    • Sales opportunities and leads
    • Partnerships and JV opportunities

Business Development

Along with preparations for public transaction, we offer a wide-range of corporate support services to assist you in the process. From communications strategies, to marketing materials, and public relations management – we have you covered.

  • Capital markets communication strategy and implementation
    • Inbound Investor awareness strategy
    • Outbound investment awareness strategy
    • Investor focused CRM Implementation
  • Capital markets marketing strategy and implementation
    • Corporate marketing materials
      • Presentations
      • Brochures
      • Website
      • Social Media
    • Digital advertising and marketing campaigns
    • Newsletter writer campaigns
    • Analyst Coverage
    • Banking relationships and syndication advisory

Portfolio of Success Stories

Vancouver, Canada

$ 30 million raised


Vancouver, Canada

$ 15 million raised


Vancouver, Canada

$ 3.2 million raised


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