We are North Bay

Your capital partner in securing business success.

North Bay sets you up for the next step in your business success.

North Bay Capital is a full-service merchant bank dedicated to connecting commercial investors with emerging companies. We start with the end in mind, identifying high-potential, private opportunities around the world and assisting their transition to the public markets.

We view our clients as our partners. Once selected, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, lending decades of combined capital markets experience to their operation. Our support and expertise have brought a diverse portfolio of companies to market. With our assistance, clients can expect total support as they chart their path towards expanded growth.

North Bay Capital prioritizes our client’s long-term profitability. Our goal is to secure consistent, sustainable flows of capital for a select group of partners through strategic planning and vigorous execution. Unlike traditional capital, we have the resources and expertise to see any task to completion.

The North Bay Advantage

We are committed to supporting socially-conscious capital investment. Our carefully selected partners demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility and are chosen with the aim of amplifying conscientious entrepreneurship around the world.

As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges companies face in an increasingly competitive market. Securing a steady source of investment is key to growth. North Bay connects promising ventures to our extensive network for capital sourcing, including online sources such as Personal Capital and third-party capital partnerships of venture capital funds, fund managers and family offices.

Beyond raising capital on behalf of our partners, our commitment to an intimate working relationship with clients is the true North Bay advantage. We take an equity stake in every client’s venture, and our global network of partners is accessible for personnel sourcing or addressing logistical concerns. 

Scaling a business up invariably has challenges. We are ready to assist in any capacity.

The North Bay Philosophy

At North Bay, our mission is to ensure the viability of cutting edge companies seeking to shape our collective futures through responsible innovation.


Conscious Capital

We value the responsible stewardship of businesses that prioritize the welfare of our world, our wellbeing, and our future.


Sector Agnostic

Our diverse set of expertise and experience allows us to partner with clients from a wide variety of sectors, across the globe.


Strategic Connections

We offer capital sourced through strategic connections including private and third party capital partners.



Our client are our partners. We foster intimate working relationships and flexibly support business expansion needs.


Expansive Network

We introduce our clients to an extensive, global network, to help navigate the challenges of business expansion.



Our unique approach strategically aligns us with the long-term interests and success of our clients through equity stakes.

Portfolio of Success Stories

At North Bay, our mission is to become capital partners to ensure the success of cutting edge companies seeking to shape our collective futures through responsible innovation.

Our Services

We assist our clients in reaching operational milestones. From incorporation to the IPO stage, North Bay provides critical support to a variety of companies approaching entry into the public markets.

Corporate Finance

public markets transaction advisory / access to capital

Corporate Development

team development / M&A advisory / corporate expansion

Capital Markets Marketing

marketing and communications strategy and implementation

North Bay Capital Partners

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